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  • Reduce conflict between cycles and pedestrians around Stoke Bridge

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    There is currently a bit of a conflict between pedestrians and cyclists around Stoke Bridge, between St Peter's Street and Dock Street, where there is the legalised pavement cycling.

    To resolve this I would propose removing a lane of traffic (which is only needed for a very short time at peak times, and a small modal shift through improved infrastructure would resolve any congestion issues) and giving that lane to cyclists in a segregated fashion.

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  • Cemetery Lane layout creates conflict

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    To carry on towards Colchester Road or bear right into Belvedere Road is OK but if you are approaching the junction from Belvedere Road and wish to turn into Cemetery Lane northbound you must come right up to a blind corner and make a sharp turn into a narrow kerb edged cycle facility. This is quite a dangerous manouevre to carry out. It would have been better to have a lane entering the wide oad marked with stop lines and no-entry as it is further back from the blind turn. In fact some people may be tempted to do this, but it is both dangerous and illegal. Both the danger and the temptation to carry out an illegal manouevre could have been excluded at the design stage.

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