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  • Fore Street - traffic calming road humps

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    Travelling along Fore Street from the East where it splits with Key Street there are several traffic calming patches and speed bumps that are difficult and dangerous to negotiate on a bike.

    In particular the three sections of cobbles; as the street becomes one way just before Fore Street Pools, just before you cross Star Lane, and just after crossing Star Lane.

    They are so ragged that as a cyclist you have to almost come to a stop, where as other road users can travel over them at ~20mph.

    This makes them extremely dangerous as just after accelerating away from the traffic lights you then need to slow almost to a stop and weave your way through the cobbles while the traffic behind you is expecting to carry on and the street is too narrow for them to safely overtake.

    The section of Fore Street between Star Lane and Eagle Street has better speed humps (still not great, but a dream compared with the above mentioned cobble sections!) with flat section at the sides so that bikes may pass them safely. However the flat sections are occasionally blocked by parked vehicles forcing cyclists over the speed humps.

    The less said about the time it takes to negotiate these three sets of traffic lights the better!

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