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  • Create cycle link from London Road to Columbine Gardens and Lupin Road

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There is a footpath linking London Road to Columbine Gardens and Lupin Road, which has a series of barriers. Removing the barriers, ensuring there are dropped kerbs are on Columbine Gardens and Cowslip Close. Signs need to be added to sign post the route to the town centre, London Road, and appropriate other places.

    This would mean that there would be direct link from Chantry on to London Road and into town along a potentially safer route than Gippeswk Avenue/Birkfield Drive.

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  • NE Ipswich missing link at Woodbridge Road railway bridge

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    The cycle link from Bramley Hill to Haslemere Drive has opened up a route via Lacey Street, Haslemere Drive and Bramley Hill as a much quieter parallel route to Woodbridge Road for cycles.

    However, to proceed to North East Ipswich from here means cycling (or indeed walking or driving) via Woodbridge Road at the point where it crosses the railway line. There are no other crossings for a considerable distance to the North or South.

    The land fronting Woodbridge Road to the North is currently for sale for residential development.

    If this land is developed I believe that this should include an additional cycle and pedestrian bridge over the railway to Belvedere Road to open up access to the residential areas NE of this (as well as Sidegate Lane Primary School) without having to use Woodbridge Road.

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  • Missing link, West End Rd to Waterfront

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    As you can see in the photo there is a shared use path on river side of West End Rd just east of Bobby Robson bridge. But then where ? How far does it go ? It is certainly no good if you want to cross Princes Street- you cant unless you go up to the Burrel Road end of the bridge. And anyway once you get over Princes Street along Commercial Road and Grafton Way it is a narrow footpath which is not shared use.
    It would be good to connect Bobby Robson Bridge and the Waterfront.
    Directly and not by switching over to the other path and then over two toucans. Perhaps even a wide cycle crossing of the 4 lanes of Stoke St ? That would be brilliant.

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  • No safe cycle access to Beacon Hill services/Travelodge Hotel

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    Considering that this is very close to the National Cycle Route 51, I'm wondering why it's basically impossible to get to, on a bicycle without going on a major trunk road roundabout?

    Cyclists may not be their target market, however service stations can be useful on longer cycle rides for food supplies. Also hotels can prove useful if a longer journey, touring, or realise your too tired on an overnight ride, such as the nearby Dunwich Dynamo.

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  • Paper Mill Lane to Bury Road link - planning application

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    Further to I think it would be useful to campaign for a cycle and walking link from the site through to the retail park with major supermarket and other amenities, and also other links to that western part of Ipswich.

    In my quick skim through the planning application I've not seen any consideration to this route.

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