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  • Poor Bourne Park cycle path surface

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The surface of the cycle path, which is also National Cycle Route 1 through Bourne Park is of an extremely poor quality. This really needs to have a smooth tarmac surface, and potentially widened.

    I would expect kids to be learning to ride a bike along here, however that's not currently possible as its' touch going for an adult to cycle here never mind a child who is just learning to cycle. If this path is upgraded it would be even better if the surfacing was extended to create a circle around the park which is reasonably smooth, so that people can learn to cycle by cycling around this park.

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  • NCN1: Narrow cycle lanes and pinch points on Stoke Park Drive

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The cycle lane on NCN1 on Stoke Park Drive are rather narrow, thus you cannot cycle within the cycle lane. Having the cycle lane there means drivers often don't give as much space when overtaking. There are also many traffic island pinch point which make it extremely dangerous, as drivers overtake and cut in just before the island.

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  • Holywells Park Cycle Route

    Created by Ned Harrison // 1 thread

    Holywells Park has a section of cycle route 51 running through it, linking South East Ipswich to the centre with a pleasant and safe route down to the waterfront.

    During Winter, the park is closed at dusk, sometimes as early as 4, meaning that just when the roads are most dangerous (dark and wet) cyclists are forced onto steep and busy routes either along Cliff Lane or up Bishops Hill.

    The closures are largely at the request of the Park Friends group. I've spoken to them, and their concerns seem to be largely about what might go on after dark. It's not clear that there is any evidence for this, nor that the current situation of locking the main gates but leaving others would do anything to deter misbehaviour.

    Keeping it open as a cycle route would ensure a legitimate presence in the park, and help provide less confident cyclists in the area with a safe route to and from town.

    I'd propose either locking later, or for a trial period leaving the park unlocked.

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  • Dogs Head Street cycle contraflow lane parking/loading bay

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    There is a loading bay in the cycle contraflow cycle lane, which means that the cycle lane is blocked for cyclists as soon as a vehicle is parked there. This means that cyclists have to pull out into the path of oncoming buses, thus making the NCN route unsuitable to young children or inexperienced cyclists.

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  • Poor quality NCN1 on entering Ipswich from the South

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This section of the flagship National Cycle Network Route 1 on entering Ipswich is of particularly poor quality. There are nettles, brambles and other bushes overgrowning the very rough and narrow path. Is this really the quality of cycling that we want to show to Dutch cyclists coming over from the Netherlands who would have expected there to be a tarmaced cycle path that's a couple of metres wide. There is space to here to place a good surface.

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