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  • rat run Tovels Road/Caudwell Avenue

    Created by Leigh P // 1 thread

    Tovells Road and Caudwell Avenue are a huge rat run in the morning for a limited period of time for parents going to St Mary's Catholic School. I understand the school catchment is not local. Cars turinging into these roads too fast and quite clearly without looking whist rusing to get children to school on time. Often have to swerve on bike to avoid.
    Tovellls Road is the only way cars can get from the south and east of the town to St Mary's primary school...well it's not actually, but it's the route most of them take....They should be using Woodbridge Road and Caudwell Hall Road that are maintained for such traffic. Tovells Road is single file traffic only (due to parked cars), but the reason they all get away with it is they are all going in the same direction at the same time! They seem to have a system of most going to the school along Tovells Road, and returning along Holland Road.
    I assume St Mary's shool has a travel plan and this includes regular liaison with parents to use safer and appropriate routes, in an appropriate manner.

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  • Kings Avenue/Milner Street rat run.

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 1 thread

    Motorised vehicles currently use the rat run through Milner Street to avoid the fraffic lights at Grove Lane/ St Helens St.
    This is part of NCN 41 , any extra traffic passing through here detracts from the cycling experience and is negative for residents.
    Cyclist comments are needed now !

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