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Listed issues, most recent first, limited to the area of Cycle Ipswich:

  • Spring Road traffic jams lead to rat running in Bartholomew Street and Alexandra Rd

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    When traffic backs up on Spring Road from the Grove Lane lights motor vehicles cut through via Bartholomew Street, Alexandra Rd, Warwick and Lancaster Roads to Palmerston and then onto St Helens.
    They travel fast and a group of five or more motor vehicle drivers copying each other is not unusual, at peak times.
    To protect the residents of these narrow streets, filtered permeability would seem to be the only answer.

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  • Hadleigh Road to Yarmouth Road

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    The road here is a very busy 2 lane dual carriageway. A shared use facility was created a few years ago. Cycling groups were consulted quite late in the process. the obstacles, BT boxes etc and motor access to petrol station etc were pointed out as flaws in the design. Funding limits meant that a substandard facility was created.

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  • Silent Street contraflow

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    A new contraflow allows cycling in SW direction on Silent Street. Sadly the final result is a confusing mix and is a dangerous, disjointed facility. It is not easy to use and does not make it clear to motorists etc travelling NE direction to expect contraflow cyclists.

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  • Conflict created by left filter from Raneleigh Road into Princes Street

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The left turn filter from Raneleigh Road into Princes Street outside Ipswich station creates a conflict between cyclists in the cycle lane and advance stop line and motor vehicles turning left when the left turn filter appears.

    As a cyclist you come up the cycle lane and sit in the advance stop box, however it's too short and also awkward to sit in front of the right lane for traffic going straight ahead, thus cyclists sit in front of the left lane. This annoys drivers as the cyclists still have a red light whilst the cars behind them have a green thus holding them up, at which point the car drivers then drive around you.

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  • Woodbridge Road Cycle Lanes and Bus Stops

    Created by Jon_B // 2 threads

    The marked cycle lane at the beginning of Woodbridge Road (heading East) is interrupted by two bus stops (seen in the photo - photo is actually taken looking west).

    Unsurprisingly, buses pull in there regularly, leaving cyclists to either wait behind them or to overtake, which involves moving into the right hand lane. This is also at a point where traffic coming from St Helen's Street is merging into this right hand lane from the right, which is basically a recipe for disaster.

    My view is that the bus stops should be repainted outside the cycle lane, and the cycle lane then interrupted with a give way marking requiring cyclists to give priority to pedestrians crossing the lane to board or alight from buses.

    There would be no additional inconvenience to cars (as the buses block the lane anyway) and risk of bus passenger / cycle conflict could be minimised by the give way markings.

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  • New potholes around drains

    Created by Alistair // 1 thread

    New potholes have opened up around the drain covers on the eastbound A1214. They are on the "Straight On Lane" at the roundabout with Ropes Drive.

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  • Poor visibility on cycleway exit due to tree

    Created by Alistair // 0 threads

    When exiting the cyclepath to join Anson Road you need to see the roundabout clearly (especially to see southbound A14 traffic turning left to join Anson Road. A large tree has overhanging branches which block the view. It's worse when it has leaves.

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  • Cemetery Lane layout creates conflict

    Created by Kevin Ablitt // 0 threads

    To carry on towards Colchester Road or bear right into Belvedere Road is OK but if you are approaching the junction from Belvedere Road and wish to turn into Cemetery Lane northbound you must come right up to a blind corner and make a sharp turn into a narrow kerb edged cycle facility. This is quite a dangerous manouevre to carry out. It would have been better to have a lane entering the wide oad marked with stop lines and no-entry as it is further back from the blind turn. In fact some people may be tempted to do this, but it is both dangerous and illegal. Both the danger and the temptation to carry out an illegal manouevre could have been excluded at the design stage.

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  • New white lines needed on contrflow

    Created by MikeH // 0 threads

    The contraflow on Museum St is not my favourite bit of cycle route, but given that it xcan be a busy and tricky bit, the white lines where it crosses Westgate St should at least be in good order, but they're not. An easily fixed problem you would think?

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  • St Peters Dock lethal rail tracks

    Created by Alex Oldman // 1 thread

    Disused railway tracks on St Peters Dock provide short section of road surface that is dangerous to traverse from East to West by bike.

    If you are avoiding crossing the tracks then you are forced into oncoming traffic.

    If you cross the tracks, you are then potentially trapped between parked cars and the railway tracks, which can be dangerous.

    The tracks are very slippery when wet or icy, and sections are often hidden underwater because there is poor drainage after heavy rain.

    Ideally the tracks are totally removed, or the surface covered with concrete or tarmac.

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  • cycle lane waving in and out of road

    Created by Andrea Bredel // 1 thread

    this is one of many cycle lanes here in Ipswich that go on and off the road several times. This is very awkward for cyclists as they need to be very careful when getting back onto the road and most probably confuses drivers as well.

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  • Holywells Park Cycle Route

    Created by Ned Harrison // 1 thread

    Holywells Park has a section of cycle route 51 running through it, linking South East Ipswich to the centre with a pleasant and safe route down to the waterfront.

    During Winter, the park is closed at dusk, sometimes as early as 4, meaning that just when the roads are most dangerous (dark and wet) cyclists are forced onto steep and busy routes either along Cliff Lane or up Bishops Hill.

    The closures are largely at the request of the Park Friends group. I've spoken to them, and their concerns seem to be largely about what might go on after dark. It's not clear that there is any evidence for this, nor that the current situation of locking the main gates but leaving others would do anything to deter misbehaviour.

    Keeping it open as a cycle route would ensure a legitimate presence in the park, and help provide less confident cyclists in the area with a safe route to and from town.

    I'd propose either locking later, or for a trial period leaving the park unlocked.

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  • No safe cycle access to Beacon Hill services/Travelodge Hotel

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    Considering that this is very close to the National Cycle Route 51, I'm wondering why it's basically impossible to get to, on a bicycle without going on a major trunk road roundabout?

    Cyclists may not be their target market, however service stations can be useful on longer cycle rides for food supplies. Also hotels can prove useful if a longer journey, touring, or realise your too tired on an overnight ride, such as the nearby Dunwich Dynamo.

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  • Paper Mill Lane to Bury Road link - planning application

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    Further to I think it would be useful to campaign for a cycle and walking link from the site through to the retail park with major supermarket and other amenities, and also other links to that western part of Ipswich.

    In my quick skim through the planning application I've not seen any consideration to this route.

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  • Dutch style roundabout for A14/B1113 south of Claydon

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    The roundabout at the south end of Claydon under the A14 is pretty horrible for pedestrians and cyclists. It would be extremely useful if this could be upgraded to a Dutch style roundabout with:

    * tighter entrances and exits will slow down vehicles to a safer speed while cyclists and pedestrians are around. The current dimensions are only ok when there are no cyclists or pedestrians around and it's safe for motors to go fast.
    * single lane entrances and exit will make is easier to cross each arm. There would be no zig zag in the island.
    * cycle track with separate pavement for pedestrians outside the roundabout, thus preventing conflict between the 3 modes of transport.
    * cycle track crossing at 90 degrees to the road to aid visibility between different modes of transport.

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  • Grove Lane traffic lights (Northbound)

    Created by Jon_B // 1 thread

    This junction has recently been "upgraded", but it still has a single lane at the lights, with a left filter arrow which turns green before the main light to proceed straight ahead.

    If you are waiting to proceed straight ahead this effectively means you are marooned in the middle of the junction with traffic behind you waiting to turn left.

    Not much fun in a car either, but it is considerably more unpleasant and dangerous on a bike.

    I'm not sure if there is an answer other than removing the left filter cycle.

    There is a general difficulty with decent routes from this area north up to Woodbridge Road in the rush hour, and this would seem like the best route if it were not for this issue.

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  • Cycle track priority over A14 slip roads

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    It would be much safer to have cyclist priority on the slip roads here as is done in The Netherlands , or even the following example from Britain:

    The slip roads also need to be narrowed to slow motor vehicle speeds as does the turning radii of the roundabout.

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  • Improve Dual Carriageway, London Road, Copdock for cycling

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 1 thread

    This is a signed cycle route from Capel St Mary into Ipswich. It used to be the A12 into Ipswich. Now it's a 50 mph dual carriageway, with little traffic due to minimal access. It would be easy to bring it down to one lane each way, and give the other lane over to cyclists with safe segregation and a wide path. Also on the south end a better link and also signage southbound to Capel St Mary and other places further south is needed.

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  • Pavement cycling stops just before cycle shop

    Created by Shaun McDonald // 0 threads

    The legal pavement cycling is suddenly not allowed 3 car lengths before a cycle shop near this junction which has toucan crossings and cycle paths on all other sides of it. Why can't it be continued to the bike shop for a safe cycle route to/from the junction away from traffic?

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